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What were your highlights for E3? I'm really looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Devision, ABZU, Metal Gear Solid V, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Uncharted 4. Can't wait to make more videos for YouTube especially now that I'm partnered with Machinima (don't have to worry so much about game copyright) but unfortunately I no longer have a camera, but I've been saving up so hopefully that wont be a problem for much longer!

Been wondering what certain people like seeing in art and pulls them in. Please let me know what you like, if its a style, fanart, emotion etc?

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I think my fav April Fools' joke was Karl on World of Tanks. So many lols! Next video will be Elder Scrolls Online beta. Promise ;> was actually pretty nervous about posting this 'cause I don't want people to get the wrong idea, but I figured since it's April Fools' everybody will understand. Those close to me know that I'm actually a prude - oh the irony!

I'll be posting some writing this week, but since I know you guys are watching me for my visuals I'll add some sketches c:

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I really want to do a painting video like you guys asked but I can't seem to find free recording software to do it with :c

I will upload a few sketches this weekend, but do any of you maybe know of a drawing challenge? I've been running low on inspiration lately :p

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Might do a painting progress video next? What do you guys think? c:

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Let me know if you guys have any ideas for specific videos you'd like to see. Also, anybody know what programs work well for recording while you're painting in Photoshop? Thought it might be nice to do some progress videos c:

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Hi guys! Starting up a YouTube channel for vlogs, gaming and art.

Might do some how-to's if you guys are interested? 

Anyway, gonna upload an intro shortly. What would you guys like to know about me? Do any of you have a channel? Lets be friends! YouTube is still pretty big and scary to me hehe

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What do you guys do when you're stuck in a rut?

If you listen to music or watch a movie, what kind of movie or music? Is there something specifically that gets your creative juices flowing? Browsing? Getting in touch with nature?

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2013 return

Mon Feb 25, 2013, 11:02 PM

Sorry for the hiatus everyone. Life got a bit hectic (in good and bad ways) with work and family, etc. I picked up a pencil to draw a couple of days ago for the first time in months! It's actually horrible that I haven't been able to make time to sit down and just sketch in so long. But that will change quickly if I have anything to say about it!

Thank you for all your ongoing support and kindness despite my absence. It was really encouraging to come online and see so many wonderful messages! ♥

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the other half of a whole

Wed Aug 8, 2012, 3:16 PM

Hey guys!

I suppose I'm long due for a status update on my 'hero' picture. The person I drew it for and who inspired the piece is no longer my friend.

He is so much more than that.

On the 2nd of May he asked me out and we're so in love its sickening ♥

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tumblr wips + sub

Thu May 17, 2012, 3:18 AM

I'll be turning my dA page into more of a portfolio and posting all my doodles and WIPs on my tumblr c: just keeps things more organized and neat that way ♥

A great big thank you to :icongerooley: for the subscription! So generous of you! :huggle:

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Thank you

Thu Apr 19, 2012, 1:22 AM

I can't explain how overwhelming and wonderful it is to receive so much support and advice from all of you! I'm a pessimist by nature and honestly didn't expect to get any response, my stuff usually gets posted on a whim but it has shown me the kind and caring nature of people and I can't thank you all enough for the support and love you have shown me and continue to do so on a daily basis every time you comment, fav... or throw llamas at me.
Thank you! Its you awesome people that keep me drawing! ♥

For doodles and WIPs - Tumblr

Also, for those playing Pottermore, I'm FelicisLumos19033 (Slytherin), please feel free to add me!  (≧∇≦)/☆

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I thought it was about time to write something new sooo... who here plays World of Warcraft? c: I'm personally absolute rubbish and so I mostly play in order to immerse myself in the lore and scenery... Message me if you wanna be friends!

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To me, whatever a person draws, writes, etc., is simply the physical representation of a piece of themselves and of their hearts. I think thats why it hurts so much when somebody says something unnecessarily mean about a piece that you're created (not talking about  constructive criticism here). When I was in college, there was a lecturer who repeatedly bashed anime and manga as a genre. He was obviously ignorant of it and simply wanted to maintain his realm where anything which could be called art had to be declared so by him. I nearly flunked the course simply because he didn't like my style, regardless of what other lecturers said. For quite some time I simply stopped drawing altogether because I felt like I couldn't because "he said so".

Slowly I started doodling again, but its been difficult to rebuild that passion I had before. But I'm getting there again slowly and the post Jin made simply made me  realize once again that its not worth changing yourself and who you are for the sake of others. You need to simply be yourself because there will always be somebody who thinks you're not up to their standards. Ignore those who say you're not good enough and choose instead to keep moving forward towards your own personal goal.

In a nutshell:

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